Web site s126.photobucket.com/user/salspigeonfarm/media/eggbid04172.jpg.html?sort=3&o=39, Canadian Highfliers, Baldhead Rollers, Italian Owls, Chinese Owls, New York Baldhead Tumblers, NY Flying Flights, and West of England Tumblers. Over 1,000 farm raised birds Website Four birds kits. Tipplers Special shipped to you're front door . With new reusable USPO box for $125 New York Flights Special ...
Pigeon coop ....made from 20 ft trailer ... has screen fly , nest boxes, water heater , screen fly, nest bowls . Screen fly is welded to trailer and welded together.... must be taken apart and towed ...
White's. Kit Four bird special , with new USPO box. Shipped to your door for $195 Any questions call 570-586-5543
Fancy homing pigeons $195 per pair USPO box and shipping included. For any questions please call 570-586-5543
German Bronze pigeons $150 per pair . Box and shipping included. For any questions please call Sal at 570-586-5543
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